Christian Single / Part Five: Allow Yourself To Introduce Yourself

Hey. You. Yes, you.

Right as you are, right now, you’re important and God has plans for you. He wants you to enjoy your life. Yes, even if you’re single. Believe it or not, the things we do as singles are some of the same things we do at any state of statusdom. You like to cook? You’ll probably keep cooking. You like working out? You can still do that! Being in a healthy relationship means that you also get to do the things you like — even if you’re a couple. Especially when you’re a couple. Your sense of individuality is a muscle and you need to exercise it.

Now is the time to work on yourself. Get to know yourself. Get healthy. Find ways to become a better version of yourself. All the time. How do you do that? Go to concerts. Hike the Grand Canyon. Write that fan fiction. Enjoy that road trip. Pay your bills. Eat your Wheaties. Stop waiting for your real life to begin. This is your real life. Do it for you.

When I started on the journey to become a screenwriter I asked all the people I could who were in the industry if it was important to go to college and they all told me it was more important to live a life worth writing about. So I would have something to say.

Read, write, play, work. Do what God puts before you every day. Live your life so you have something to say. Be an interesting person. The kind of person you’d want to date. I can guarantee it will be far more worth your time to do those things than pine, whine, moan, and gripe about being single.

Work on yourself. Do it for you. Not for the goal of marriage but the goal of freedom. The more free and confident you are in the Lord, the healthier you are, the less trouble you will have navigating all of the things you just can’t know.


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