Series: The Actionable Christian Single

(now with karate-chop motion)

This post starts the way I think most online writing does — someone sent me a link.
It was to an article about not waiting until marriage to be happy. Great. Fine. It was written reasonably but concluded, as they nearly all do, with the idea that one could just decide to do this. No concrete way to do it, just now that you’ve read this article, go ahead and feel different.

Um…. how? Just do it. Which, at least in my experience, leads to trying it for an hour before reverting back to my previous state. You can’t just decide to hike the Grand Canyon — you need knowledge, conditioning, tools, assets, allies. “Mom, I have a thorn in my side,” you say as you point to the sequoia size shard impaled your torso (relax, it’s a metaphor for emotion) and she mutes the Bachelorette for two seconds to say, “Yeah, it’ll be fine. Just decide you don’t.”

Look, there are a lot of circumstances we just don’t tell people to get over. Of course there are equally as many we should just all get over — but the point I’m trying to make is, how. How do you decide to be a happy single?

I don’t know exactly, this is not purely science. It’s closer to alchemy. But here are some practical things you can do on your quest. Wow. This just got really nerdy. Don’t worry – none of this involves cosplay. Unless you want it to.

We don’t judge.

Part Zero: You Are A Dot
Part One: #Abundance
Part Two: Statusdom and the Unhealthy Reality of Fantasy
Part Three: The “I” Word
Part Four: The Other “I” Word
Part Five: Allow Yourself To Introduce Yourself
Part Six: All The Things You Just Can’t Know
Part Seven: Love
Part Eight: Fathers
Part Nine: Worse Than Single
Part Ten: Verses


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